You are more than a job title!

You have ambitions, desires, hopes. We know that these may change over time and we know that your past does not define your future.  Who you were yesterday may not be who you want to be tomorrow.

Most importantly we know you want to explore who you could become.  Now you can with Optunli.


Take control of your future.

We know that job hunting is hard work and understanding whether an opportunity is going to work for you is difficult. So we are here to help. By saying what is more (or less) important to you, you will only see opportunities that fit your DNA today or in the future.

Explore, change your mind, discover what you could do. You are in complete control.


The next step can make all the difference…

Whether you are looking for a different experience, more training, a promotion or more pay, a better blend of work and life, or even a change in career; getting it right for you is essential. What’s your best next step?

Optunli. Make your move.

It’s the start of a different conversation!

Life-shaped careers

Whatever blend of work and life you want – it’s at your fingertips.

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Beauty in your detail

What makes you, You, is your detail. Who you are, what you need, and who you want to become.

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Discover your future

Whether you know where you are going or are open to possibilities.

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It’s quick. It’s easy. It’s simple to start taking control.

Our tech treats you like the individual you are. It doesn’t make assumptions on your behalf. It doesn’t ‘read between the lines’. And it doesn’t add any bias into the mix.

It puts you in direct contact with employers who value you and your potential so You can decide what a good fit looks like. It’s the start of a conversation you are in control of.

"Optunli is an innovative intelligent talent matching platform that will bring a new angle to working relationships with our associates. It gives us the ability to get the very most out of associate relationship, giving us all greater visibility on future projects and allowing us to respond more quickly to both our associates and our clients’ requirements.

We truly believe that this will be a great tool for our business and all of our associates, not least because as well as having long term visibility, they can demonstrate all their skills, experience, aspirations and availability."

- IT and Professional Services company

"As a small team we are always calling on our people to work outside of their official job descriptions. We can see how Optunli can help make those with the talents and desire to develop visible within our current community. As it grows it will help us develop a flexible community to call on when this falls outside of our current skillsets."

- Managing Director, Vocalzone

"Successful 21st Century organisations urgently need to place equal emphasis on both current workforce skills, and emergent skill capability. Optunli is the only platform we’ve seen that creates a future-proof 360° talent-mapping approach and accelerate full workforce agility."

- Working the Future