Know your talent community

Your talent defines you and determines your success. So it makes sense that building your talent community should be one of your top priorities.

A community of people who can deliver your business today and into the future. These could be employees, alumni, contractors, associates, your followers, people in your pipeline and those that want to work for you.

In competitive markets knowing who is in your corner, what they can do, what they want and when they are available can make all the difference.

Internal or external, introvert or extravert(!), your whole community’s potential will be visible, putting you in control and helping you get ahead of the competition.


Smart Planning with intelligent insight

We don’t just match on skills or a job title. Our ground-breaking algorithms reflect what is important to you and your candidates so you can see the fit through their eyes as well as yours. This gives you unprecedented levels of insight. When both your needs and aspirations come together, you get a perfect fit.

So now you can plan with confidence.  Whether you are looking within your talent community or the wider Optunli talent market, for the short or long term, for roles or projects, or simply what might be around the corner, you can see the best people with the best fit.

This level of agility and foresight are crucial in today’s competitive marketplace.


Discover true engagement

We think engagement is about much more than perks and pool tables, regular management check-ins or engagement surveys. It is about ensuring that someone is self-motivated at work – when they are working for you because they know that they are working ultimately for themselves and their future. When you both know that what they are doing has value for you both. When they are an equal participant in their career, their development and their future. When someone ‘fits’ they feel engaged naturally.

Let Optunli help you find the people who know you are important to them and their future.

So, are you interested?

And now for the magic!

It’s more than a match

No-one has a crystal ball, and no-one can read minds… but Optunli can get you close! With the right insight, you can have more effective conversations with your people.

We go far beyond a simple match. We have created dynamic, holistic and innovative technology that is controlled by each and every person. Each can say what they are looking for, what they need, what their priorities and preferences are. And you can see how your people see their opportunities and how these meet their hopes and aspirations. You can start to really understand what motivates each person. You can see how closely people meet your requirements.  You can change requirements and see the impact on results. All without needing to engage until you are ready.

Optunli creates the chance to find the perfect fit and the perfect relationship between you and your people. And most importantly it gives both you and your people value immediately. Now, that is so much more than a match.

Taking ‘skills' to a whole new level

We see skills as something that describes what you do, and can do again, and again and again. There are thousands of skills that combine to create you and what is required to be successful in a role.

We develop our skills.  Organisations need them.  So it’s important we have a common way to describe them and just how good we are.  Organisations also need to be able to describe what they need in a way that can be delivered.

So we have curated over 20,000 standardised skills (transferable, personal and specialist skills) that reflect what people actually do and how they can achieve, acquire, grow and develop.

What will Optunli do for you?

Tackle immediate challenges…

Reducing attrition

What could you save by giving your people visibility of today and future opportunities?

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Attract, train, retain, retrain

Find people who are a great fit and prepare them for the future.

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Reducing people costs

Understand what truly motivates your talent community. It may be more cost effective than you think.

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…improve today…

Insightful selection

Quickly find people in your talent community that are a great fit in any selection process.

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Diversity and inclusion

Optunli is the perfect platform to support the implementation of any D&I Policy.

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HR's reach

Optunli helps you reach the whole of your talent community.

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…and prepare for tomorrow

Engagement and productivity

When the fit works for both you and your people, a little bit of magic happens.

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Insightful planning

Real time insight into the capabilities, motivations and potential of your talent community to support collaborative planning.

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Inspire your people

Show them future career opportunities and projects and help them understand their potential.

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Refreshingly simple

Optunli is easy to implement as a standalone platform, so that you and your people can quickly take advantage of the invaluable insight it provides. It can also integrate with your existing systems where needed, to ensure a seamless experience for your end users.  Let us know what you need.

"Optunli is an innovative intelligent talent matching platform that will bring a new angle to working relationships with our associates. It gives us the ability to get the very most out of associate relationship, giving us all greater visibility on future projects and allowing us to respond more quickly to both our associates and our clients’ requirements.

We truly believe that this will be a great tool for our business and all of our associates, not least because as well as having long term visibility, they can demonstrate all their skills, experience, aspirations and availability."

- IT and Professional Services company

"As a small team we are always calling on our people to work outside of their official job descriptions. We can see how Optunli can help make those with the talents and desire to develop visible within our current community. As it grows it will help us develop a flexible community to call on when this falls outside of our current skillsets."

- Managing Director, Vocalzone

"Successful 21st Century organisations urgently need to place equal emphasis on both current workforce skills, and emergent skill capability. Optunli is the only platform we’ve seen that creates a future-proof 360° talent-mapping approach and accelerate full workforce agility."

- Working the Future