Why Optunli?

Find out about our goals then and now. Hint: They haven't changed!

We built Optunli to address a problem that as professionals, managers, HR leaders and recruiters we felt hindered and frustrated us all: the lack of visibility of opportunity and talent. We realised that if we put the people who had the talent in a direct relationship with those people who needed the talent, a much more effective conversation would happen.

We also recognised that this relationship is complex and is seen from each individual’s perspective. People don’t always know what they want, and they change their minds. Circumstances change. Priorities change. And we wanted Optunli to be able to support these maturing and dynamic requirements.

Each day we are making more people visible to employers, and opportunities visible to people so that everyone can become their best and organisations can have access to the talent they need in the most effective and efficient way.

Meet the team

Delia Zanatta

Founder & Co-CEO

Geoffrey D. Fink

Non-Executive Director

Mike Barlow

Chief Tech Officer

Teresa Fox

Founder & Co-CEO

The Optunli approach

In building Optunli we have created a platform that will not only help people take control of their careers, giving them confidence in their futures. We have created a platform that will enable HR and businesses to take advantage of trends in the workplace such as flexibility and the gig economies, well-being and career experiences, improving engagement and productivity, and help deal with the challenges of rising people costs, scarce skills and a competitive talent market.

More importantly we have created the foundation for a new relationship between people, their work and who they work for.  A relationship that is based on authenticity and visibility. One that is full of promise. One that is full of opportunity.

Know. Your talent.

Really understand the capability, ambitions and motivations of all the people in your talent community.

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Plan. The future.

With unprecedented insight you can plan for today’s and tomorrow’s business needs, in real time.

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Engage. Your people.

By providing true value to both you and your people, Optunli helps create an engaged, motivated and productive workforce.

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"Optunli is an innovative intelligent talent matching platform that will bring a new angle to working relationships with our associates. It gives us the ability to get the very most out of associate relationship, giving us all greater visibility on future projects and allowing us to respond more quickly to both our associates and our clients’ requirements.

We truly believe that this will be a great tool for our business and all of our associates, not least because as well as having long term visibility, they can demonstrate all their skills, experience, aspirations and availability."

- IT and Professional Services company

"As a small team we are always calling on our people to work outside of their official job descriptions. We can see how Optunli can help make those with the talents and desire to develop visible within our current community. As it grows it will help us develop a flexible community to call on when this falls outside of our current skillsets."

- Managing Director, Vocalzone

"Successful 21st Century organisations urgently need to place equal emphasis on both current workforce skills, and emergent skill capability. Optunli is the only platform we’ve seen that creates a future-proof 360° talent-mapping approach and accelerate full workforce agility."

- Working the Future